Movie Marketing Madness: Batman Begins

Warner Bros. has not had an easy time restarting the Batman ranchise. So much ill-will was generated by 1997’s "Batman & Robin" that riots the likes of which hadn’t been seen since revolutionary France sprung up across the nation. So the studio had to be sure they were doing it right the next time. The … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Batman Begins

Movie Marketing Madness: Summer Movie Preview

My latest column at Film Threat is a preview of some of the movies coming out this summer. These are movies I’m seeking out: Sequels to movies I liked, adaptations of books or – recently – comics I enjoyed or films with an actor or actress I already enjoy. This week I thought I would … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Summer Movie Preview

Weekly Wrap-up 2/11/05

The Interpreter A new poster is online for this Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn thriller. Miss Congeniality 2 There is what could be called a new poster out. In reality it's the teaser poster after undergoing some Photoshop surgery to make Sandra Bulluck look at the camera. This is awful. MirrorMask Sony has launched the official site … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up 2/11/05

Quick Takes: 1/21/05

Fantastic Four The official site has now "officially" launched with F4 content, including links to the trailer. Fox continues to make their trailers available in QuickTime. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The first poster for the Douglas Adams adaptation is now online. Can't help but dread this one for some reason. Herbie: Fully Loaded ComingSoon … Continue reading Quick Takes: 1/21/05