He’s right: A pig with a saddle on it *would* be awesome

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 - YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0s3VTgrZKg

See his “C”? It stands for “Chicago”


Ryno on The Simpsons?

Steve Sax, who retired three years after "Homer at the Bat" and did time as a financial adviser before becoming a life coach and motivational speaker, acknowledges a sizable debt to the show. (The writing staff's early preference for second base was Chicago's Ryne Sandberg.) "Sometimes, fans would yell, 'Hey, how's Homer?'" Sax told me. … Continue reading Ryno on The Simpsons?


I've been pulling for Mike Quade to turn the Cubs into contenders. He certainly seemed to inspire the team to play more solid and consistent baseball in the final 30-some games of the 2010 season. But his approach does not seem to be having the same impact in the first month and a half of … Continue reading Quade

Something to help you get through the last bits of winter


Good call

I like the decision to tap former Cub Keith Moreland as the new color guy for WGN Radio's Cubs broadcasts. He did well filling in for the late Ron Santo last season and I think he'll work out very well as the season goes on.


Very excited to hear that Kerry Wood is coming back to the Cubs. Here's hoping this one-year deal turns into something long-term. Like Mark Grace and a couple others, Wood was one of a new generation of Cubs that I thought and hoped would make Wrigley their home for their entire career. Looking forward to … Continue reading Wood


Ron Santo passed away yesterday according to the Tribune. The man passed never having seen a Cubs World Series championship and never having gotten his much-deserved induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. If he was a believer in Christ Jesus as his savior, though, he's finally in the one club that matters. During the … Continue reading Ronnie

It’s Sandberg’s time

Agree completely with Phil Rogers in today's Chicago Tribune: Ryne Sandberg deserves to get the managerial job with the Cubs next season. Ryno was one of the best second basemen of of all time - perhaps the best - and more than that proved himself a true team leader, someone who kept his head and … Continue reading It’s Sandberg’s time

WGN and The Cubs

Via WPBC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSadtke3w2A