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Key Art, Key Changes: Arrival, Billy Lynn, Edge of Seventeen, Bleed for This

Reaching an audience in the home video market is much different than reaching the theatrical audience. That often means the key art that’s used for home video releases is changed significantly from the one-sheets that were available during the theatrical marketing cycle. What I’m going to try and do is see what those changes are [...]

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The Marketing Campaigns for 2017’s Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

The nominees for this year's Academy Awards were announced yesterday. While Deadpool didn't get the nomination the filmmakers and many in the press had been hoping it would there were still a few surprises, including that the acting categories actually featured people of color after years of #OscarsSoWhite being the dominant theme of the reactionary [...]

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Picking Up The Spare: Lion, The Arrival

Arrival The FiveThirtyEight looked at how the movies' RottenTomatoes score became part of the marketing campaign and puts that in the context of the site's continuing efforts to poke holes in RT and other rating aggregate sites. Lion Brent Lang at Variety gives the movie a big cover story about how this inspirational human story [...]

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MMM Recap: 11/11/16 New Releases

Operator Admittedly, it’s a slight campaign. The trailer is the main element and makes the strongest appeal, showing the chemistry between the stars as well as the impressive ensemble cast that’s been assembled. There’s a lot to like here, so here’s hoping the marketing reaches enough of an audience that will be attracted to its [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Arrival

We’re back to alien visitation at theaters with the new release Arrival, the latest movie from director Denis Villeneuve. The movie stars Amy Adams as Dr. Louise Banks, a high-profile linguist who’s recruited by the U.S. military after the arrival of a series of mysterious alien craft around the world. Those visitors have begun trying [...]