View from the Rental Counter: 1/21/05

Mainstream Alien Vs. Predator MPAA: PG-13 (violence and language) Budget: $65M Gross: $80M Market: Fans of the two movies apparently ate this one up but it’s about five years late to really capitalize this one. It seems more like the result of someone attempting cash in on the success of Freddy Vs. Jason. Anyway it…… Continue reading View from the Rental Counter: 1/21/05

Selling Alien Vs. Predator

You can read my full recap of the marketing for Alien Vs. Predator at Film Threat. And now 20th Century Fox takes two sci-fi films and asks a screenwriter whom they may have found by literally throwing a rock out a window to put them together. The result? “Alien vs. Predator”. Admittedly, based on Internet…… Continue reading Selling Alien Vs. Predator