Since mid-2016 I’ve been contributing weekly or bi-weekly op-eds and trend pieces related to movie marketing to You can see them all below and read them all here.

adweek solo banner
With ‘Solo,’ Disney Is Changing Up the Star Wars Marketing Machine. Will Audiences Get on Board?
mudbound pic
Rating This Year’s Oscars, From Movie Marketing to #MeToo
cloverfield paradox pic
How Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox Changes the Movie Marketing Game
black panther pic
The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018, and What They Say About Hollywood
The 10 Most Memorable Movie Ad Campaigns of 2017
adweek last jedi
How Disney Managed the Tricky Marketing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
adweek a24 paid social
How Hollywood Is Cleverly Using Earned Media as Paid Media
Brave Women Are Rocking Hollywood, and Its Marketing Plans
thor banner
Why the Ads for Thor: Ragnarok Have Been So Surprisingly Bright and Fun
Blade Runner 2049 Is a Good Movie. Why Wasn’t It a Box Office Hit?
As the Movies Fall in Love With Whiskey, a Look Back at Their Other Favorite Drinks
it adweek
Inside the Scary-Good Advertising That Made ‘It’ Such a Killer at the Box Office
Famous Authors and Their Stories Are Hollywood’s Hot Fall Trend
For Decades, Nazis Were Hollywood’s Ultimate Villains, the Polar Opposites of Any American Hero
How Movies Made From Stephen King Books Have Been Marketed Through the Years
How Hollywood Markets Final Chapters in a World Where Nothing Can Ever End
Spider-Man Now Has a High-Tech Suit, but This Influencer Campaign for the Movie Went Pure DIY
All the Feels: How the Trailers for This Summer’s Movies Break Down Emotionally
Why the Marketing of Wonder Woman at Warner Bros. Is Coming Under Fire
Stay for the Credits: How Bonus Scenes Became a Crucial Part of Movie Marketing
Let’s Adapt the Rest of NBC’s 1985 Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup for the Big Screen
The Boss Baby Is the Latest Movie to Sell Itself by Winking at the Competition
logan pic 2
Despite Logan and Deadpool, Don’t Expect a Flood of R-Rated Superhero Movies
Fox Has Been Spreading Fake News About Trump and Others as Part of a Movie Campaign
Chevrolet Unveils a Life-Size Lego Batmobile, and a Self-Parody Ad to Match
despicable-me-3 pic
Here Are Fandango’s Picks for the Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
A24 Drops Untitled Trailer for Mysterious, Reality-Bending Movie
What Are the Most Anticipated Movies of 2017?
Superheroes, Models and Lobsters: The 10 Most Memorable Movie Campaigns of 2016
How Star Wars’ 5 Biggest Brand Partners Activated Around Rogue One
How the Studio Behind Miss Sloane Is Tracking the Link Between Ads and Ticket Sales
Holiday Movies 2016: All The Films to See This Month, and How They’re Being Marketed
How Bad Santa 2 Is Using Artists to Make, and Share, Its Comically Dirty Ad Campaign
3 Ways That Spin-Offs of Movie Franchises Have Been Marketed to the Audience
6 Great Political Movies That Will Get You Psyched for Election Day
Hollywood Not Vine: Why Movie Studios Never Really Embraced the 6-Second Video
Will Fox Finally Find Some Consistency in Marketing the Latest Wolverine Movie?
Why Rogue One Faces Marketing Challenges That No Other Star Wars Movie Has
2 New Movie Trailers From This Week Show How Hollywood Is Evolving the Format
Movie Marketers Are Already Whipping Up Cool New iMessage Stickers for iOS 10
Here Are the Winners and Losers of This Summer’s Movie Marketing
Why Don’t Movie Studios Produce Their Own Podcasts? Blame Paris Hilton (Maybe)

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