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What’s Buzzing: The Spout Commmunity 12/17/08

Since I’m all about fostering discussions and highlighting the great content being produced by the Spout community I wanted to try something new here on Inside.Spout. “What’s Buzzing” is meant to show you what’s happening on Spout each week in terms of interesting discussions going on and lists that are being created. As you can… Continue reading What’s Buzzing: The Spout Commmunity 12/17/08

Spout’s Christmas: Yule-A-Go-Go Recipients for 12/17/08

Time to feature two more members of the Spout community, each of which will be receiving a copy of the two-disc edition of Yule-A-Go-Go, the perfect thing to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling this Christmas season. (Note: I’ll be doing this twice today since I spectacularly failed to do it yesterday.) –Chris Thilk, Director… Continue reading Spout’s Christmas: Yule-A-Go-Go Recipients for 12/17/08

Twitter Contest – Spout’s Favorite Christmas Movies

You ready to play a little game? It’s called the Twitter Holiday Movie List Game… ready? How to play? It’s easy: Follow Spout (@spout) on Twitter and send a reply to us with your favorite Christmas movie to us via Twitter. Include the hash tag #spoutxmas If your movie appears on Spout’s Christmas list, Spout… Continue reading Twitter Contest – Spout’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Welcome to Inside Spout!

As improvements and enhancements continued to roll off the assembly line at Spout HQ we began looking for ways to effectively communicate them to a broad audience. SpoutBlog was considered as an outlet for those announcements but we decided that using it, which is so wonderfully focused on the world of independent film and which… Continue reading Welcome to Inside Spout!

Madagascar 2 contest on Spout

When it came time to design a contest around Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, we decided to do things a little bit differently. First off, this is designed to get people engaged with Spout and the site’s functionality and start them thinking about movies. So if you hit the Filmgaming post about the contest… Continue reading Madagascar 2 contest on Spout

Win Indiana Jones 4 on DVD from Spout: Throw us the email, we throw you the DVD

If adventure has a name it must be Indiana Jones. Dr. Henry Jones Jr. returns for a fourth (but possibly not final, if reports are to be believed) adventure, with a mix of new and returning friends at his side, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The DVD of the latest… Continue reading Win Indiana Jones 4 on DVD from Spout: Throw us the email, we throw you the DVD

Win RockNRolla Swag on Spout

If you’re looking forward to director Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla, a return to his fast-talking, fast-scheming criminal underbelly form, you’ll want to check out the RockNRolla contest Spout is currently hosting. Check out the official contest page for all the rules and how to enter for each day’s prize, as well as how to find out… Continue reading Win RockNRolla Swag on Spout

SpoutBlog News joins the IMDB!

We’re thrilled here at Spout that news, reviews, interviews and everything else from SpoutBlog is now being shared through the Internet Movie Database. Excerpts from SpoutBlog are now available on the IMDb Newsdesk, with links back to the original posts. Those excerpts will also appear on each movie’s “News” page, allowing people who are researching… Continue reading SpoutBlog News joins the IMDB!

Eagle Eye contest on Spout

Eagle Eye from D.J. Caruso (Disturbia), starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, opens this Friday in theaters. And, for the next few days, you can win Eagle Eye swag from Spout. A mysterious woman turns the lives of two strangers, Jerry Shaw (LeBouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan), upside down. They become the world’s most wanted–and… Continue reading Eagle Eye contest on Spout