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Quick Takes: Friends of MMM 8/13/07

Karina announces she’ll be adding a weekly segment to the FilmCouch podcast from Spout. She said she’s taking questions that she’ll then try to answer in the podcast so I’m pretty much approaching this as “Stump Longworth.” C.C. Chapman says there’s a major disconnect between the Bridge to Terebithia’s marketing campaign and the movie itself.… Continue reading Quick Takes: Friends of MMM 8/13/07

Quick Takes 7/29/07

BoingBoing links to a gallery of very cool Polish movie posters, a good number of which were made for American films. The NYT covers the Film Forum’s NYC Noir series and the themes explored in these darker, grittier films. Regarding the Chicago Film Critics/20th Century Fox flap, it appears the CFCA has come out and… Continue reading Quick Takes 7/29/07

Quick Takes 7/18/07

You have to hand it to HBO. They’ve shown a great sense of humor by creating a trailer and website for Medellin, the fake movie who’s shoot has been a part of the plot of their series “Entourage.” The thing that kills me is that this is done completely straight-faced, not winking at the audience.… Continue reading Quick Takes 7/18/07

Quote of the Day 7/12/07

From Karina at Spout: That new Harry Potter movie is already making a lot of money. Yawn. Wake me when Hermione has her first sex scandal.

Paramount hoping not to register strike two with new A Mighty Heart release

Paramount Vantage is adjusting the reach of A Mighty Heart in hopes of extending its box-office life, reports Variety. The studio is planning to cut back the number of screens the Angelina Jolie-starring biopic is playing on from 1,350 to just 651 this weekend and limiting those screens to a select few urban and other… Continue reading Paramount hoping not to register strike two with new A Mighty Heart release

Quick Takes: 6/26/07

Karina Longworth was quoted by Anne Thompson in Variety in a story about how online buzz still hasn’t fully supplanted the power of the professional critic in the minds of most consumers. That’s a fair point but I think that while it’s true for the mainstream it’s not necessarily the case for smaller films and… Continue reading Quick Takes: 6/26/07

Quick Takes 6/8/7

Director Robert Rodriguez will be named a “Key Art Visionary” at this year’s Key Art Awards being held by The Hollywood Reporter. In the absence of an actual movie so far, fans of the Transformers are spending their time reviewing the toys for the movie that have been released. Steve Hall has the details on… Continue reading Quick Takes 6/8/7

Round-up: 9/12/06

Jon Stewart returns after a well-deserved vacation and lays into Bush and the fact that, after five years, we still haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden. Keith Olberman returns to Ground Zero in New York and lays into Bush and that fact that, after five years, we still haven’t done a damm thing with the big… Continue reading Round-up: 9/12/06

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Light posting ahead

I may not be getting to all the things I want to over the next couple of weeks. Specifically, there may be some movies I want to cover here on the blog as “Mini MMM” pieces but won’t have the time for. My company is sending me on some trips to speak to PRSA chapters… Continue reading Light posting ahead