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#WheresRey Was a Comms and Messaging Issue

The internet has rightfully been outraged in the last several weeks over the lack of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys featuring Rey. It’s not a spoiler to say she is the star of the movie and the main character who drives much of the action forward. So the fact that she wasn’t part of… Continue reading #WheresRey Was a Comms and Messaging Issue


Who you gonna build?

There's nothing that's not awesome about these LEGO Ghostbusters. Nothing. I wonder if kids today know what it was like to grow up in the days before LEGO licensed all kinds of awesome properties? Can you imagine sets based on Dukes of Hazzard, Goonies and everything else we loved in the 80's? Wow.


Legos get more formal

Max Kalehoff has a point here: Today, mass-marketed Lego sets seem less about invention. They have become sophisticated model and hobby sets (often co-opting blockbuster entertainment franchises). Lego blocks are less raw building blocks, and more intricate puzzles with definitive outcomes.  The highly specialized pieces are perfect for planned models, though I believe their lack of… Continue reading Legos get more formal


’80’s LEGO playsets that might have been…

  If you're a parent who's anything like me you see all the cool licensed LEGO sets that your kids play with and think, "Wow, I would have given my left arm for a He-Man or G.I. Joe LEGO set when I was a kid." Rediscover the 80s: LEGO Playsets We Wanted In The 80s.… Continue reading ’80’s LEGO playsets that might have been…

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In defense of the hood

JC Hutchins asked yesterday which people preferred, Cobra Commander's silver mask or his hood. I replied that the hooded look was far superior and then he decided to drag mothers and ethnicity in to it so I'm going to get up in his grill about it. (Note: I may be making some of that up,… Continue reading In defense of the hood

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You know, for kids

Quick game: Take a look at this leaked image of the toy version for The Fallen, the main villian in the Transformers sequel and see if you can guess which component is going to come under fire from concerned parents organizations across the country. Some quick thoughts about this: Did anyone at any point in… Continue reading You know, for kids

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If there’s a guard with a face that comes off I’m in

The best part about these Silence of the Lambs minimates is that the Jodie Foster/Clarice figure can easily be re-purposed by the manufacturer or collector as a Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully figure.