Just because I think you’re wrong doesn’t mean I’m a fan of inequality

Today, the horrors of religion are more often about ignorance and inequality, but they are still there. via The Last Taboo - Jennifer Michael Hecht - POLITICO Magazine. Oh please with this rhetoric. It's part of the mindset that unless I decide to completely abandon my own beliefs - which someone else likely doesn't fully … Continue reading Just because I think you’re wrong doesn’t mean I’m a fan of inequality

Baptism as an active, present thing

It was not something I did. It happed to me and it has shaped reality for me ever since. My parents brought me up in the faith, teaching me the Word of God. The Lord Jesus has brought into my life so many people to show me His grace (my wife, Faith, being the most … Continue reading Baptism as an active, present thing

Couldn’t make it to the whole thing this year…

... but did hit the vespers service Friday night.

More bad Bell

I'd love to, but just don't have to time to, completely fisk this Time story on Rob Bell and his latest assault on Christianity. As if his theological ignorance wasn't enough the story also makes numerous journalistic errors that just make everything worse.

That’s my church

I'm very jealous that I didn't write this about my home church.

A prayerful life

The Issues, Etc podcast - a daily broadcast of Lutheran theology - has been killing it recently with ongoing series on both The Lord's Prayer and The Apostle's Creed. This is probably the second or third time in the couple years I've been listening to the show that these prayers have been discussed in-depth, either … Continue reading A prayerful life

Confessional documents

After reading through all of both the Bible and The Lutheran Confessions last year I took a break for the first few months of 2010. But seeing that today is the anniversary - the 480th - of the presentation of the Augsburg Confession I decided this would be a good time to pick both back … Continue reading Confessional documents


Hard to see the problem with a Christian organization having a hiring requirement that one must be a Christian to get a job. The problems with opening up jobs in this field to those of any denomination in the name of charity occur when people are actually out in the mission field. Part of the … Continue reading Confusion


The news out of Haiti has, as we all know by now, been at turns tragic, uplifting, devastating and inspirational. While I can't say I've read all the news coming out of the rescue and recovery efforts I have been following the accounts of Rev. Matt Harrison, the Executive Director of LCMS World Relief and … Continue reading Mercy


This New York Times story titled "The Right Way to Pray?" is something I've been reading and re-reading the last couple days. It's full of lots of new agey thoughts on prayer but little in the way of actual Biblical thoughts on the matter. Instead there's a mix of Eastern mysticism, modern Evangelical self-worship and … Continue reading Prayer