Companies and Brands Aren’t Our Political Surrogates

The past month has been rough for a lot of people. The inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States made the abstract very real and has lead to a series of executive orders, cabinet nominations and congressional actions that have made people more afraid for their livelihood, the future of their children, [...]

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Pew’s Report on Millennials and Political News

(Note: This post first appeared on the Voce blog) What Is It: The Pew Research Center is out with a new study showing 61% of Millennials - broadly defined as anyone born after 1980 - get political news primarily from Facebook, almost exactly the opposite proportion of those in the Baby Boom generation, for whom [...]

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A non-neutral net may be coming soon

Between Stacey Higgenbottom's piece at GigaOm and John Herman's at Buzzfeed, I'm pretty much just counting the moments until my cable operator sends a note saying my internet fees are going up because I watch too much Netflix for their liking. Not that I'm a huge fan of more and more government regulation, but it's [...]


Light bulbs as political beanbag

Congress has decided fully enacting the energy regulations that would phase out electricity-wasting light bulbs is just too darn inconvenient. It's a stupid move that's grounded in politics and not good thinking. The Ars story is worth reading, but here's the nut:By repealing the standards, Congress has ensured that the waste will go on even [...]

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Copyright is broken

A must-read. The result is a copyright system that’s impossible to defend on economic or policy grounds. While copyright itself is a good thing — it helps artists and writers make a living — the repeated posthumous term extensions make no sense. No author, including Ayn Rand and Dr. Seuss, has made a decision on [...]


Because sure, who needs the environment or a functional food chain

This seems problematic: Tea Party senators introduced a bill last week that would effectively end the protection of most endangered species in the U.S. by gutting some of the most important provisions of the Endangered Species Act. Senate Bill 1731, introduced by Tea Party members Sen. Paul (R-KY), Sen. Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Heller (R-NV) [...]


Just so we’re clear

The government absolutely cannot restrict access to guns but it can restrict a citizen's access to legal protections. OK then, good to know.

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The analogy continues to someone soiling an area rug

It seems The Big Lebowski can be used as a metaphor for everything, including the Fiscal Cliff debacle in Washington, DC. The basic text for understanding this situation, as with so many situations, is The Big Lebowski. A woman has allegedly been taken hostage by nihilists (nihilists conveniently being a common point of comparison with [...]


If we can’t discuss the real causes, the solutions will likely elude us

The causes of income stagnation are varied and lack the political simplicity of calls to bring down the deficit or avert another Wall Street meltdown. They cannot be quickly remedied through legislation from Washington. The biggest causes, according to interviews with economists over the last several months, are not the issues that dominate the political [...]

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Leaks reporting

So here's my question around the WikiLeaks controversy: Instead of - or in addition to - reporting on what the documents published by WikiLeaks actually contain, has there been any investigative reporting done on who might be the one who provided those documents to the site? That seems like some actual reporting that might be [...]