Remembering Tom Petty

There was a running point of disagreement I argued over and over again with friends involving Tom Petty, who passed away at least twice yesterday, if not more, his defiant spirit seemingly unwilling to slip this mortal coil. They would insist I had been among the group who had gone to see Tom Petty & … Continue reading Remembering Tom Petty

Daily Post – Volume

(NOTE: Based on today's The Daily Post writing prompt) One of the keys to my productivity is often turning music up to a volume that would have most parents, including my own, warning me about the dangers of hearing loss. I get an album or playlist going and just let it ride, earphones in place … Continue reading Daily Post – Volume

How A Sampler Tape Created a Lifelong Material Issue Fan

It was either late 1990 or early 1991 when a package arrived at my house addressed to me. It was from Musician magazine, which I subscribed to, but I couldn’t imagine why they were sending me something in a manilla bubble wrap envelope. So I opened up with curiosity. Inside was a cassette tape, which … Continue reading How A Sampler Tape Created a Lifelong Material Issue Fan

Jason Scheff and the Legacy of 25 or 6 to 4

I don’t remember what lead me down this particular rabbit hole, but I read just earlier this week that Jason Scheff had left the band Chicago after serving as the band’s bassist and one of its lead singers for 30 years. Scheff left in May of this year after having apparently taken some time off … Continue reading Jason Scheff and the Legacy of 25 or 6 to 4

Everyday Inspiration – Anecdotes

(NOTE: I consider myself a good writer, but good only gets better by practice. So I've signed up for the WordPress Everyday Inspiration schedule to prompt me to write something different every day. This is the result of today's nudge.) So there we were. We just found our seats, which were off to the side … Continue reading Everyday Inspiration – Anecdotes

Streaming Services, Artist Relations and Exclusive Content

The "artist relations" role is one that's usually associated with record labels but it's one that is becoming more common for streaming services to have as well. That's largely because those services are trying to help artists not just accumulate streams of their music, something that doesn't pay any party well, but also sell merchandise, … Continue reading Streaming Services, Artist Relations and Exclusive Content

Eric Clapton – Motherless Child Live

This video of Eric Clapton playing "Motherless Child" live in 2007, part of an upcoming DVD and album, sent me down a rabbit hole of live Clapton videos that was, quite frankly, awesome.

U2 “Invisible” video

No, I can't say this is my favorite U2 song ever. But any new U2 is better than no new U2 and I do like this a bit. And I get the sense the live version of this will be somewhere about 700% more engaging and electric than this heavily-produced studio version.


The present is always afraid of the future

To the surprise of no one: It's official: We're buying less digital music. Just like vinyl, cassettes, and CDs before it, the digital download may have reached it peak, with total sales dropping 4% from last year. The culprit? It's complicated, but expect the already-raging debate over Spotify, streaming, and the future of music distribution … Continue reading The present is always afraid of the future

Much love for Nesmith

You're goddamn right: It pains me, just pains me, to consider how little credit this guy gets as a musician and songwriter—I’m sure it doesn’t bother him that much, he’s an extremely wealthy man, accomplished in many fields, but I’m upset for Papa Nez, goddamnit! via Dangerous Minds | Monkee Mike Nesmith is one of … Continue reading Much love for Nesmith