Mediapost update

Following up on my earlier gripe about MediaPost and their need for me to renew my free email newsletter subscriptions.  The following is now appearing at the top of a few of my emails. So I’m about to get automatically unsubscribed to a couple of the newsletters.  The link to “renew now” does work and… Read More

New feeds

Adding a number of new blogs/sites to Bloglines this morning. For Your Approval (employee communications) earSHOT (Edelman podcast) Neville Hobson (this guy has another blog? Sheesh) Son of a Pitch (From Robert Ricci at Weber Shandwick) MetroDad (First blog I’ve found about being a working dad) I’m considering doing away with the Blogroll and replacing… Read More

4 Things

So I got tagged not once but twice with this “4 things” meme that’s running around like my four year-old after an ice cream bar.  Once by Tom Biro and once by Blake Barbara.  A pox on both your houses, quite frankly. (Actually I got it three times.  Mack Collier got me but he linked… Read More

Quick Takes: 1/31/06

Congratulations to Jeremy Pepper on his hiring by Weber Shandwick.  Fortunately Jeremy will continue writing POP! PR Jots. The folks who run Wikipedia noticed Congressional staffers were altering entries on Congressmen and have shut off their privileges. See Tom Biro’s open letter to the offenders. Stephen Baker solicited comments on whether companies should blog or… Read More


I’ve been meaning to write about this for a week now but never remembered to at the right time. Last week I got a chance to finally meet Tom Biro in person.  Tom and I, as you might know, write together on AdJab and Tom also runs both his own personal blog TheMediaDrop but also… Read More