Why I now get Technorati

Everyone is probably familiar with Technorati. If not a quick primer: Technorati is a blog-specific search engine who has carved out a niche by selling people on the concept of “tracking the conversation.” For instance, if you search Technorati for “Skype” you would find all blogs talking about Skype and be able to track the…… Continue reading Why I now get Technorati

The value of measuring blogs

First off, I agree with KD Paine’s assertion that to some companies blog-monitoring/measurement is completely unnecessary.  The problem I have is with how revolutionary some people think her statement is.  It’s as if she’s attacking some sacred principle or shouting that the emporer does not in fact have clothes.The decision to monitor a media or…… Continue reading The value of measuring blogs

Technorati bashing

Jason Calacanis, publisher of the Weblogs, Inc. network (which owns AdJab and others I write for) says he’s had it with Technorati.  Old data in results, lack of focus and other problems are why he’s looking to replace the blog-search links on the WIN blogs with IceRocket.–Chris

Getting linked

Yesterday I got an email from Tom Biro, who not only is the Gandalf-type figure at AdJab but also runs TheMediaDrop, inviting to me join his LinkedIn network. I seemed to remember hearing about the site at some point but had never explored it further. Well thanks to Tom I started playing around in the…… Continue reading Getting linked

Google hops on the RSS bandwagon

Google News is now offering content in both RSS and Atom flavors. For some reason I have the image from Die Hard of John McClane screaming “Welcome to the party pal!” as a terrorist falls on the police car. [Via Blog Herald]

More on Viral Marketing

a shel of my former self PR/Communications blogger Shel Holtz has a great piece on viral marketing and its implications for advertising and PR. What he’s talking about is actual viral marketing, as opposed to what I wrote about earlier. –Chris