What Does It Mean to Achieve Productive Writing?

This post got me thinking. After all I’ve been writing a lot about productivity recently, and as a freelance writer (with other responsibilities) I’m under a lot of pressure to make sure I’m using every moment efficiently and effectively, maximizing my outputs and minimizing those inputs to get as much done as possible in the … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Achieve Productive Writing?

Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

Last week Captivate released a study similar to the kind that come out in advance of every Super Bowl as well as during March Madness, around the time of events like a solar eclipse and so on. The company predicted the number of people who would be calling in sick or who would be dragging … Continue reading Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

The Beatings Will Continue…

With resolution season upon us there are lots of opportunities for fresh starts. Some of those involve personal matters while others involve changes to be made in someone’s professional life. That’s only natural. Still, it’s not hard to be taken aback at the way the business press is playing into the notion that individuals must … Continue reading The Beatings Will Continue…

“Soft Skills” are Just Skills

LinkedIn recently shared its list of the job titles it says will be the most promising for those seeking new work or advancement in 2019. Some of those are more...substantial than others as there are a few “consultant” type titles on the list, while others are very tech-focused and detailed. Also offered by LinkedIn are … Continue reading “Soft Skills” are Just Skills

Work From Home? Wear Whatever You Want

A recent WSJ story set off a bit of backlash by suggesting that people working from home should eschew wearing sweatpants while doing so and instead choose stylish outfits that, when put together, can cost upwards of $1,000. That advice is of a feather with the general, long-lived suggestion that those who work from home … Continue reading Work From Home? Wear Whatever You Want

Connected Devices Will Impact Productivity

There are two major threats to individual privacy identified in this story about the potential for connected devices to be used in some manner against the people who have brought them into their homes: 1) That every moment will be tracked and used to target a never-ending stream of ads and retail prompts based on … Continue reading Connected Devices Will Impact Productivity

Experience Informs Management

In a recent interview, actor Ethan Hawke encouraged aspiring directors and filmmakers to go beyond the details of cinematography and other aspects of the job and learn acting as well. It’s a good point that deserves a bit of extrapolation. There are all kinds of tips for how to be an effective manager and get … Continue reading Experience Informs Management

The False Narrative of Stolen Productivity

In just a few short months it will once more be March Madness, which for those who don’t follow college basketball means it’s time to be bombarded with studies about how much productivity is being lost due to employees checking their brackets, following games and engaging in other sports-related activities this month. This last March … Continue reading The False Narrative of Stolen Productivity

Productivity Suffers From These – and Other – Distractions

Over the last few weeks I shared a number of posts that cover just some of the major factors that impact worker productivity and how they are sometimes wrongly framed in ways that put the onus on the worker, not the employer, as problems to address. Everyone bears some responsibility, but the average worker also … Continue reading Productivity Suffers From These – and Other – Distractions

Transporation Realities and Productivity Go Hand In Hand

Distractions of some sort or another are a major issue when it comes to productivity. There’s so much going on in modern life that it’s almost inevitable. Social media beckons with its siren song offering you the latest conversations and updates, whether you’re seeking the solace of puppy pics on Facebook or the outrage engine … Continue reading Transporation Realities and Productivity Go Hand In Hand