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Studios Expand VidCon Movie Marketing Efforts

Movie studios have noticed that VidCon is full of young digitally-savvy people with cameras and expertise in using them and so are beginning to expand some nascent efforts to shill movies directly to that crowd. The article makes the point that this is the latest fan gathering to get studio’s’ attention, the biggest previous example … Continue reading

The Power of Enthusiasm

Last weekend the Thilk Family, along with countless others, celebrated Free Comic Book Day. It’s a day meant to offer people a chance to get into comic shops and try something new by offering…well…free comics books. Publishers of all sizes participate, sometimes using their free titles to promote cross-media franchises (I’m looking at you Marvel … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Miles Ahead

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. When Steve Jobs came out last year many people took issues with the number of artistic liberties the story took with what they were apparently expecting to be a straight biography of the Apple founder, particularly … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Race

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. We Americans are, I’ve always felt, inconsistent in our appreciation for and embrace of our own history. On the one hand we look back so we can see how far we’ve come and try to learn … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Pride + Prejudice + Zombies

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. People like to think the current mashup culture is a relatively new phenomenon that can maybe be traced back to rap and hip-hop in the 80’s but that’s about as far back as it goes. This … Continue reading

Theatrical Movie Delivery Has Changed. Posters, Not So Much

When I worked at a movie theater back in the early 90’s, we always looked forward to getting a new shipment of one-sheets. Assuming they weren’t tagged to be returned to the distributor after we were done with them we could call “dibs” and buy the ones we really liked. But all of them had … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Spectre

There is no bad in Bond. Oh sure there’s “lesser Bond” (I’m looking at you, Roger Moore) but for me at least even that lesser Bond is still a better time at the movies or with a movie than most other options. Not only am I just a big fan of spy stories, having grown … Continue reading

Tumblr’s Clothing Line Is A Smart Brand Extension

In the New York Times story about the new line of clothing launched by Tumblr, company spokesperson Valentine Uhovki says, ““We wanted every look to feel like a Tumblr post.” It’s hard to argue the results achieved that goal, though how much that does or doesn’t work for you will obviously vary. But their approach … Continue reading

Get Offline and Get Real

Another post from me at Voce: We at Voce have managed loads of fan events and meetups for our clients, and that’s outside of the live-event coverage where fan interaction is part of the itinerary. These kinds of meetups, which can be for a select group of influential individuals, the general public or some mixture … Continue reading

Twitter updates coming to theater pre-shows

Trending and interesting entertainment content from Twitter and Vine are about to start showing up on movie theater screens thanks to a deal between Twitter and National CineMedia, according to Variety. The deal will add a segment to NCM’s “First Look” pre-movie programming that will include curated material from Twitter and Vine, the latter being … Continue reading

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