Career change


You can tell that I've recently re-read/re-watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy because all travel estimates come in " the nazgul flies" form.

Worms and ex-girlfriends

Apparently there's a Facebook worm going around related to ex-girlfriends. That's different than, say, a pill that gives worms to ex-girlfriends.


I haven't told anyone this, but The Situation on "Jersey Shore" totally ripped me off. The key was shortening the name from the one I was using: The Incredibly Awkward Situation We'd Kind of Like to Leave Immediately But Aunt Sarah is Hitting On Some Random Dude and She Drove Here.

Fun with Catholics

So Tom got married a few weeks ago. I was supposed to go but things didn't work out for me to attend, unfortunately. But I did spend some time brainstorming ways to by annoying by combining two of my favorite things to do: 1) Make fun of my friends and 2) Make jokes about Catholicism … Continue reading Fun with Catholics

The not-so wisdom of crowds

To all the "wisdom of crowds" and other such types who think the key to reinvigoarting the automotive industry is to turn design over to community, let's try and remember the last time that was tried.

It’s kind of a made up job title anyway

As someone who until recently bore that title, I have to laugh at Hugh Macleod's series of "social media specialist" drawings: You're a Social Media Specialist? SMSs Waiting in Line Celebrating Diversity Corporate Dude Potential Client OBEY!

Things I wrote yesterday that are going to be funny to, like, four people

A brief excerpt from a longer piece: After 2010's takeover of the NSA by Google it became possible for corporations and their communication agencies to instantly gauge public opinion on any given topic and see the results in real time. All media now came enabled with RSS feeds, including cell phones and other traditionally offline … Continue reading Things I wrote yesterday that are going to be funny to, like, four people

Undead and loving it

The Spout crew was out and about in downtown Grand Rapids, MI last night to capture video of an attempt to put on a World Record-setting Zombie Walk. Read all about it and check out the video here.

Biro and his fiancee invade The Early Show

Nikon (a client of my former employer MWW Group) has a program they're running called Look Good in Pictures. The campaign involves a microsite, a Twitter account and, apparently, having people in whose wedding I'm standing up appear on CBS' The Early Show. Lara, the unfortunate victim in said wedding, is the first person sitting … Continue reading Biro and his fiancee invade The Early Show