The Next Chapter

Last December I got a message from the staffing agency I’d been working with for a while that an opportunity was available. A financial services and consulting firm needed someone to manage their social media marketing efforts while the woman who usually handled that went out on maternity leave. The story of the interview is … Continue reading The Next Chapter


Fitting In Isn’t The Point of Work

A recent Fast Company piece offers a number of tips for those who fear they aren’t fitting in with their coworkers. It’s all fine advice about making an effort to talk with other people, being careful about solitary activities and so on. Quartz pushed out a similar list aimed at remote workers who want to … Continue reading Fitting In Isn’t The Point of Work

The One Key To Productive Meetings: A Desired Result

As always, there are lots of places where you can find all the 17 things you need to run a successful meeting. They’ll offer you tips on how to make sure everyone remains involved and engaged and how to keep the conversation on track. Maybe you’ll read about how walking meetings were one of the … Continue reading The One Key To Productive Meetings: A Desired Result

Two Years Post-Layoff: Lessons in Freelancing, Contracting and Getting Through the Day

You may have noticed I largely took June off from publishing here. There were some other things I wanted to focus on and needed to just kind of put this site to the side for a little while, though I’ve obviously stayed active on Cinematic Slant as well as at Adweek and The Hollywood Reporter. … Continue reading Two Years Post-Layoff: Lessons in Freelancing, Contracting and Getting Through the Day

Not Everyone Can Do This

I have to admit I’m more than a bit put out by frequent blog posts and stories offering ideas for people to consider if they’re looking for a new work-from-home lifestyle and additional revenue stream. Mainly because more than a few of the options put forward strike a nerve with me for one reason or … Continue reading Not Everyone Can Do This

Remote Working is Normalizing

A new report from freelance marketplace Upwork has some interesting insights into how remote working is becoming more and more standard among companies, even if many don’t yet have policies or systems in place to actually address that or make it work. Having spent the better part of the last 15 years engaged in some … Continue reading Remote Working is Normalizing

What Time Management and Customer Support Skills Do I Have?

(Note: This is based on one of the questions asked in Ron Elsdon’s book How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption.) As important as I thought both time management and customer support skills were when I was full-time in agency life, they’ve proven to be even more so since entering the world … Continue reading What Time Management and Customer Support Skills Do I Have?

Breadth vs. Depth

I recently hit something of a personal milestone: I read my 5,000th “Better to Be An Expert In One Thing” self-help blog post. It was quite an achievement and I’m very proud. These sorts of posts - this sort of thinking - is all over the web. The thinking goes that by gaining deep knowledge … Continue reading Breadth vs. Depth

Should Freelancers Work for Startup Equity?

Last week Ben Schiller wrote about a new app (because of course it’s an app) that wants to facilitate a different sort of connection between freelancers and those who are looking for help and support. Loom allows startup founders to make a pitch to freelancers that offers equity shares instead of pay along with a … Continue reading Should Freelancers Work for Startup Equity?

Live Event Coverage Examples

Following up on my recent post, I’m sharing here some examples of the many events I’ve attended, either as myself or as the on-the-ground correspondent managing a client’s social media program, over the years. All of what’s below has included live blogging and in-the-moment social media publishing that’s pushed my thinking and capabilities about what … Continue reading Live Event Coverage Examples