Blacklisting PR pros

There's an ongoing meme about creating a blacklist of irresponsible PR folks, the gist of which is nicely summarized here by Shel Holtz. Basically some bloggers are beginning to complain that PR practitioners are sending out these horrendous blast emails that contain gushing prose, overembelashed copy and most importantly a lack of understanding as to … Continue reading Blacklisting PR pros

The PR tool set

I've been thinking about this for a while now. What tools should a public relations practitioner have at their fingertips? I'm not talking about basics like the ability to write. I'm talking about actual tools to use. The press release. I don't care what Steve Rubel or others think, the press release - or at … Continue reading The PR tool set

Warner Brothers Sponsors Podcaster

Warner Bros. - more accurately their Reprise Records subsidiary - are sponsoring a podcast dealing with music and entertainment. This story doesn't have to do with movies but the possibility of this practice moving into movie-related podcasts is of course right around the corner. Podcasting is an as-yet untapped market for both advertisers as well … Continue reading Warner Brothers Sponsors Podcaster