There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

“Oh, I didn’t know you could do that!” It’s a sentiment that’s heard - or at least felt - a lot in the business world. Manager and supervisors hire someone for a specific role and then are surprised to find that person is capable of other things. Recently Fast Company shared some tips on how … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

We’re Only Immortal For a Limited Time

Neil Peart has passed. Many people have written about his incredible ability behind a drumset. Many have written about his lyrics that were both sci-fi tinged and undeniably personal and moving. I can’t add to that. So I will simply say the following: He made me feel being weird was acceptable. He made me feel … Continue reading We’re Only Immortal For a Limited Time

Everything Old Is Still Old

Influencers still peddling the same bromides they have been for years. I recently had the misfortune to watch a video of an influencer talking about...well...the stuff influencers talk about. This individual is someone who has been recognized as a deep thinker by various news organizations, put on important lists and given opportunities to spread his … Continue reading Everything Old Is Still Old

That’s a Big Pocket

At the end of last year I got the following notification from Pocket saying I was one of the service’s power users: That’s obviously a lot of reading. Pocket has been an important part of my online reading productivity for quite a while. While reading RSS items in Feedly or simply finding interesting stories on … Continue reading That’s a Big Pocket

New For 2020

It’s a fresh set of downs, the perfect time to officially kick off or unveil a few things. Productivity Lost I’ve mentioned this before but today it launches for real. Productivity Lost began as a non-fiction book project I was working on but, after not being able to find a publisher interested in it, I … Continue reading New For 2020

That Was 44

One of the advantages of having a birthday just days before the end of the calendar year is that it provides a convenient opportunity to reflect on both endpoints at roughly the same time. So it is that today I take a look back at some of the things I accomplished during my 44th year, … Continue reading That Was 44

Selling Spies in Disguise

My latest column for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the marketing for Sony’s animated Spies in Disguise. The movie is loosely based on a 2009 short film from Lucas Martell of animation studios Mighty Coconut titled Pigeon: Impossible that can be watched in its entirety on YouTube. Fox/Disney’s campaign has emphasized the humor … Continue reading Selling Spies in Disguise

Selling Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

My latest marketing recap column at The Hollywood Reporter covers Disney’s massive campaign for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The Rise of Skywalker comes as the end cap to what is now a nine film series, just as creator George Lucas long said he originally envisioned. At the center of all the films — … Continue reading Selling Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Selling Jumanji: The Next Level

My latest post for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of Sony’s marketing campaign for Jumanji: The Next Level. Sony’s marketing for the film has sought to make the movie seem familiar to the audiences that made the first movie a success while also highlighting the changes to the story, especially the incorporation of DeVito … Continue reading Selling Jumanji: The Next Level

Subscribe to Productivity Lost

Over the last year and a half I’ve been doing a lot of writing about productivity, the economic measure of how much value companies are extracting from the efforts of their workforce. Some of that has been published here. Most of it, though, has been happening behind the scenes. It’s a project I undertook on … Continue reading Subscribe to Productivity Lost