It’s been a while since we checked in with our old friend, so let’s take a look at what he’s been up to and what problems or issues he’s been considering.

Forget the Word Count

He’s definitely not forgetting the word count here. In fact I’m willing to bet he’s extremely focused on it at the moment, wondering how he’s going to make the 17 pages of notes and comments his boss just sent him into the two-page overview his boss asked it be condensed down to. And he’s not liking how things are going so far.

Major Factors That Hinders a New Freelance Writer?

Well first of all he’s thinking that one big hindrance is the lack of a good editor since you don’t need the “s” at the end of “hinders” in the headline. Also on his mind is that freelancers are often hindered by the systemic issues they face in paying sometimes contradictory taxes to state and federal bodies. Oh, and he needs to go to the bathroom but is really tired of packing up his laptop every time he has to do so because this cafe is a bit crazy sometimes.

Stop Acting Like This Is Easy

“Who thought this was easy? This effing hurts, Karen!”