Cinematic Slant

Juliet, Naked – Marketing Recap: It’s not a huge campaign, but if you’re a fan of previous Hornby adaptations or just want a movie that looks breezy, charming and entertaining there’s a strong case for this being a good choice. Byrne is her usual wonderful self and Hawke is always at his best when he’s playing it loose. The poster makes it look a little more madcap than the trailer, but that’s a small quibble in what’s otherwise a solid, if small-scale, campaign.

The “Most Popular” Oscar Rewards Those With the Deepest Resources: Let’s move past how relegating movies voters would have otherwise dismissed as not being serious enough for consideration in anything more than a few technical categories is more than a little condescending. Instead, let’s look at how what’s “popular” is often determined by, not a result of, access to marketing and distribution resources.

The Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Plane Jump Scenes: Watching Cruise and the rest of the cast and crew endlessly talk about how he engaged in several jumps to get all the shots necessary for the film – efforts he was joined in by the requisite technical crew – got me thinking about other notable “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane” moments on film. Specifically, I started thinking about how that device has been one used a number of times in various entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Five Films Show How 2008 Redefined the Movies: The debate over what years might be added to that list goes on and on, reigniting any time there’s a particularly strong showing among new releases. While everyone will have their opinions, It’s hard to think 2008 won’t eventually be received into conventional wisdom, if it already hasn’t.

Crazy Rich Asians – Marketing Recap: The campaign really shines, as it might be obvious, in the earned media department. The entire cast has been all over the press – and will likely continue to be so in the coming weeks – talking about how much they support each other, how much they want the movie to succeed, what it means to them and people like them and more. They have been the movie’s best advocates on a number of fronts.

The Six Best Netflix Movie Campaigns of 2018 So Far: As Rob Hunter at FSR points out, there are a lot of noteworthy original films coming to Netflix between now and the end of 2018. So it’s a good time to look back at some of the best campaigns of the year so far.

The Wife – Marketing Recap: By focusing not just on Close but on the story of how Hollywood has effectively kept this out of production for a number of years the campaign makes the movie seem even more timely than it already was. It becomes an example of how women are kept to the side of society on a number of fronts and is all the more powerful for it.

IMAX Using M:I – Fallout, Avengers to Kick Things Up a Notch: The announcement is just the latest in a series of moves by IMAX to become a dominant force in the theatrical industry by tying its brand closely to some of the biggest, highest-profile event releases Hollywood has to offer.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.