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‘The Meg’ Knows What It’s Selling: Jason Statham vs. Giant Shark: Whatever the box office fate of The Meg — Warner Bros.’ $150 million summer shark tentpole — it’s been sold to the public over the last several months with tongue placed firmly in cheek. (more here)

Cinematic Slant

MoviePass Lost the PR Battle Long Ago: What’s most striking about all this is how poorly the company and everyone involved with it seems to be at messaging. That tone-deaf “I’m not dead!” release was just the latest example of how it’s fumbled almost every attempt to communicate with its user base in an open and constructive manner.

BlacKkKlansman – Marketing Recap: And all of that and more is in a campaign that makes the story seem not only timely but funny. It’s hard to think of a story that’s more relevant, especially since its release is timed to the one year anniversary of the white supremacist marches at Charlottesville.

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