Your Numbers Don’t Impress Me

I don’t usually like to call people out directly, but this post irked me.

I Wrote 100 Blog Posts In 100 Days. Here’s What I Learned.


As of this writing I’ve published 6,304 posts on this blog (counting those I’ve imported from other, now defunct site) and 482 on Cinematic Slant. I don’t even know how many I published on AdJab, Cinematical, TV Squad, MarketingVox, Voce Nation and elsewhere. Let’s conservatively say all those together add another 1,500 posts to the total. The first dated post on this site is 12/9/03.

So, 8,286 posts divided by 5,337 days = 1.55 posts per day over the course of 14+ years.


Now I haven’t published every day. Heck, there were entire weeks where I posted nothing new on any blog I owned or contributed to. Of course other times I published five posts a day.

I don’t want to demean anyone’s experience. If you picked up something valuable over the course of the slightly-more-than-three-months you consistently wrote and published new material, good for you. And good for you for being that consistent.

Just don’t, if I may be so bold, come like you’ve unlocked the keys to successfully managing online writing in that time. Some of us out here have been at this for quite a bit longer than that and have lessons all our own to impart.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.