11 Visual Artists Who Enlighten, Inspire and Bring the Impossible to Life: Freelance illustrator Dan Mumford developed his unique style from his love of comic books. Not surprisingly, superheroes, Star Wars and other pop culture items are well represented in his portfolio. (Note: This is part of Adweek’s Creative 100 series of profiles.)

The Hollywood Reporter

‘Incredibles 2’ Taps Into Nostalgia to Sell Sequel: To help sell the sequel, Disney/Pixar created a campaign that appeared to lean in to audience nostalgia for the original and the sense of wonder it created while also presenting a story that was rooted in a family dynamic. (Note: As usual you can read everything that didn’t make it into that column here.)

Cinematic Slant

It’s Possible Hollywood Makes No Sense: So what’s the hold up? How many more times can female-led movies prove successful with audiences before they become no-brainers?

Tag – Marketing Recap: It’s not that the movie doesn’t seem funny; it honestly looks like it has more than a few laughs. But when the only two talking points for the press cycle are “It’s based on a real story” and “Here’s how Jeremy Renner broke his arms,” the underlying weakness of the premise is exposed.

Superfly – Marketing Recap: There’s a really good vibe to the campaign, helped immensely by the consistent use of Future’s music in most every aspect of the push. Even beyond that, though, Jackson is a substantial presence on screen and sells a Priest that is both sure of who he is and torn between his darker and better angels, wanting to use the power he has to help people but also aware of what it takes to attain and retain that power as well as how it will always put a target on his back.

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