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‘Ocean’s 8’ Marketing Bets On Cast’s Star Power to Sell Heist Film: Ocean’s 8, featuring a star-studded line-up that includes Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helen Bonham Carter, is storming into theaters stateside on June 8 with high hopes from the studio to relaunch the series. Warner Bros.’ challenge? Recapturing the high-rolling swagger of the series and capturing a cast having a great time under the direction of Steven Soderbergh. Here’s a closer look at how the studio has promoted the film. (Note: You can read everything not included in the THR piece here.)

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Cinematic Slant is where I write about movies, including the campaign recaps I’ve been doing since 2004 along with other news and opinions.

Solo Is Successful…From a Certain Point of View: It’s actually kind of impressive how myopic most all of the commentary around the box-office underperformance of Solo: A Star Wars Story has been. It’s undeniable that the movie has failed to live up to the impressive standard set by the earlier movies, particular with it dropping by 65% in its second weekend.

Hearts Beat Loud – Marketing Recap: There’s a lot to the movie that we’re not seeing, of course, but what’s shown here reinforces the positive buzz that accompanied its Sundance debut and provides a solid case for audiences who might need a break from big budget action movies to seek it out.

Hotel Artemis – Marketing Recap: There’s quite a bit to like about the campaign. It sometimes goes a little far in trying to sell the style over the substance, but it’s hardly the first marketing push to do so. There’s certainly a consistency to the brand here as everything is bathed in that orange brown light, like street lights filtered through window that hasn’t been cleaned in far too long.

Book Review: The Big Picture by Ben Fritz: The Big Picture isn’t some jargon-heavy industry white-paper, though. While there is plenty of Hollywood-specific vernacular on display in the conversations pulled from some of the Sony emails, Fritz writes this in an accessible style that’s surprising given his years as a reporter covering the world of movies and the players behind the scenes. It’s loose and often funny, offering a quick read that helps the reader really understand why the multiplex seems to offer nothing but IMAX 3D Dolby Digital presentations of the fifth film in a series he or she isn’t sure they’re up to date on while they don’t hear about anything else until it comes to Netflix or Amazon.

The Five Most Iconic Movie Necklaces: In Ocean’s 8, opening this week, the specialists assembled by Sandra Bullock’s Debbie Ocean are after a one-of-a-kind necklace being worn to the Met Gala by a vain actress played by Anne Hathaway. The massive piece of jewelry is worth enough that each member of the crew stands to walk away with $16.5m once the necklace is fenced. The focus on the necklace in the movie’s trailers got me wondering: What are some of the other most famous and well-known necklaces in movies?

Netflix (And Other) Capsule Recaps – 6/8/18: Short recaps on some of the movies that have come to Netflix or other releases recently that I haven’t had the time to devote more research and writing resources to.

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