My latest for Adweek covers some of the aspects of Disney’s marketing of SOLO to date and speculates on some of the choices the studio has made with how it’s being sold.

Now, as we wait for the still-untitled Episode IX in late 2019, we get a standalone story focusing on the early years and exploits of everyone’s favorite Corellian smuggler. Since this movie takes place about 10 years prior to A New Hope and we’re not quite at the point where digitally de-aging Harrison Ford is a viable option, Alden Ehrenreich steps into the pilot’s seat as a version of the character who’s still a little green, just getting started in his life of shady characters and dealings. It’s not just Han we’re seeing: Chewbacca is along for the ride, as is Lando Calrissian, played notably by Donald Glover.

via With ‘Solo,’ Disney Is Changing Up the Star Wars Marketing Machine. Will Audiences Get on Board? – Adweek