My latest Adweek column looks at this past Sunday’s Oscars broadcast and all the reasons why it arrives at a very, very weird moment for the film industry on a number of fronts.

There was the usual mix of new talent being ushered into the spotlight, established talent getting long-overdue recognition, winking humor from the hosts and presenters, overlong sequences and all the other elements go into the ceremony. As always, it’s a bit weird to be looking for something to be crowned “best” when art is inherently subjective, and kind of crazy that what we’re watching is essentially an industry trade group’s annual national convention.

This year’s awards also arrive at an interesting time for the film industry, which is weathering a bevy of internal and external market forces. So it’s worth looking at how the movies that won or lost, as well as the broadcast of the ceremony, reflected and addressed some of those issues.

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