Cinematic Slant

Cinematic Slant is where I write about movies, including the campaign recaps I’ve been doing since 2004 along with other news and opinions.

The Clapper – Marketing Recap: Everything about the campaign makes it seem like the kind of movie that, in 1992, you’d see a box for on the Blockbuster Video shelf and wonder when *that* came out and why *they* had made it.


Little Bitches – Marketing Recap: The biggest problem with the campaign then is that there isn’t more of it. It would have been nice to see Sony put some level of effort toward promoting it, even just with earned media.

little bitches pic

New to Home Video This Week: Sacred Deer, Christopher Robin and More: Here’s a short list of this week’s new home video releases and how they were sold during their theatrical campaigns.

killing of a sacred deer pic

A Futile and Stupid Gesture – Marketing Recap: This is one of those movies I’m just kind of genetically predisposed to look forward to. It’s got everything I enjoy: Revisiting and acknowledging some classic comedies and their creators, a fantastic comedic cast and crew, and a meta approach that pokes holes in the whole thing.

futile and stupid gesture pic

Please Stand By – Marketing Recap: Magnolia put together a nice little campaign here for a movie that very likely is going to fly under many people’s radars. It’s not huge, of course, and there’s nothing terribly innovative or original in it, but it presents an interesting story of a woman who wants to do what’s important to her and is unwilling – or unable – to accept “no” for an answer.

please stand by pic

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