Cinematic Slant

Cinematic Slant is where I write about movies, including the campaign recaps I’ve been doing since 2004 along with other news and opinions.

We’re About To Get a Lot of Harley Quinn: There’s an audience out there for as much Harley Quinn material as can be produced. There are caveats to that, though, that need to be taken into account.

harley quinn suicide squad

I, Tonya – Marketing Recap: There’s attitude and swagger to spare throughout the marketing, which matches the public persona many of us associate with the real-life Harding. It’s clear the filmmakers aren’t glossing over anything.

i tonya pic

Why Do We Keep Getting Stories of Terrible Men?: I want more stories of the women who changed the damn world on their own while they were under-appreciated by the men who never gave them a chance in the traditional structures of power, the ones that stood strong no matter how many times the world told them to sit down. I want stories of women of color who have done all that and more.


The Shape of Water – Marketing Recap: It’s not surprising to see the marketing for a movie from del Toro rely this strongly on a combination of secrecy, fantasy, mystery, story and visual style. That’s been his stock and trade for years now.

shape of water pic

The Book of Henry – After the Campaign Review: …if you give the movie here a chance and view it free of the somewhat misleading pitch that was made in last year’s marketing, you may not regret it. I won’t say it’s enjoyable from beginning to end and, again, won’t pretend like there aren’t issues that should have been addressed.

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This Writing Life

This Writing Life is where I share my thoughts, experiences and tips on the writing process.

The Compromises Necessary To a Daily Writing Routine: Actually fulfilling the promise of daily writing, and reaping the long-term rewards of doing so (exposure, traffic, new job or freelance opportunities, respect) means becoming comfortable with compromise.

clock deadline

Is It Alright To Write Angry?: Putting personal communications like email aside to focus on the public publishing, the question is this: Is it ever alright to write angry?

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