Keep Deathstroke. Give Me a Mockingbird Movie: If female spy movies really are the hot new trend in Hollywood following Atomic Blonde and with Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow coming next year, Mockingbird would allow Marvel Studios to get in on that.


Grandparents, Holidays and Gender Roles In Two Recent Comedies: For as much as society has shifted toward a perspective where gender roles are largely unfortunate holdovers from less enlightened times, it seems they’re still welcome and active in the selling of mainstream comedies.

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Daddy’s Home 2 – Marketing Recap: There’s not a whole lot here that’s different than that campaign from a couple years ago. It’s clear that the story is essentially the same, just with a couple elements scribbled in the margins to make it seem fresh, like spices added to fish that’s off but still just barely good enough to serve.

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The Philadelphia Story – Flashback Marketing: If you were to set out to design the perfect farcical romantic comedy in a lab you’d be hard-pressed to create something more spot-on than the 1940 George Cukor-directed classic The Philadelphia Story, coming to Blu-ray this week courtesy of The Criterion Collection.

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Murder on the Orient Express – Marketing Recap: …the campaign sells a movie that may be based on an old musty book today’s young people may have seen on their grandmother’s family room shelves but never picked up as a slick, colorful, energetic thriller.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – Marketing Recap: While the movie hasn’t gotten nearly the level of advertising or publicity as some other releases, it seems more vital as a cultural statement than much of what’s hit theaters recently. Watch the trailers or read some of the press coverage and you’ll see it’s extremely current in what’s being said and the message it’s presented to the audience.

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Kenneth Branagh – Director Overview: Branagh’s directorial filmography fits nicely into three (alright two and a half) categories that provide an overview of what kind of work he’s made for himself as well as what’s been offered to him over the years.

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Update on Editorial Intent: I’ve decided that I will not be covering or reviewing the campaigns for either I Love You, Daddy or Wonder Wheel.

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