My latest post at Adweek deals with just some of the issues of sexual abuse, harassment, and misconduct that have shaken the foundations of Hollywood – and upset many marketing plans – and other industries.

It’s been an … eventful … couple of days for Hollywood.

Two days ago, Sony TriStar shocked the entertainment world when it announced that, per the decision of director Ridley Scott, Kevin Spacey was being replaced as J. Paul Getty in All the Money in the World—with the scenes being reshot with Christopher Plummer. This followed a growing number of allegations of sexual abuse of minors and others by Spacey, and was all the more notable for coming just six weeks before the movie was scheduled to be released, a date that (at least for the time being) remains intact.

Then, yesterday, I Love You, Daddy, written, directed and starring comedian Louis C.K., was suddenly pulled by distributor The Orchard from its planned debut in New York City. That announcement cited a then-upcoming New York Times story that hit just hours later with stories of sexual misconduct by Louis C.K. related by five women. Then, on Friday, The Orchard pulled the movie from its release calendar entirely.