It just wasn’t happening.

I pounded out a few freelance things, but that’s about it.

The spark wasn’t there.

The drive wasn’t there.

It’s OK, though. It’s alright.

Sometimes it just doesn’t come together.

You’re head’s not in it.

There’s no shame in having off day.

That’s not how it feels in the moment, of course.

I feel guilty.

I see the empty spaces on the editorial calendar and the anxiety creeps in.

If I lose momentum, what will happen next?

But I’m no less committed.

I’m still a writer.

It’s just I didn’t write.

Sometimes a trumpet player isn’t playing the trumpet.

Same thing.

The world didn’t stop turning.

I still got the most essential projects done.

I’ll keep on going.

It was just one day.

Today I’m writing.

Tomorrow I’ll write.

And the day after that.

But yesterday I didn’t write very much.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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