The Mountain Between Us – Marketing Recap: The campaign itself is fine, but there’s an underlying sexism in many components that are hard to ignore.

Box-Office Top Five: IT Rebounds, Flatliners Flatlines: IT came back to the top of the heap while other movies survive on word-of-mouth, which is just what sunk Flatliners.

Una – Marketing Recap: What the campaign does well is keep the focus on Mara’s Una. That seems commonsensical, of course, but it’s nonetheless notable for having actually been executed.

She’s The One – Soundtrack Focus: Tom Petty’s music graced many movies, but only here was it integral to how the film was sold to audiences.

Blade Runner 2049 – Marketing Recap:  can only speak for myself, but the campaign has worn down whatever resistance I initially felt for the idea of a sequel.

Celebrating Groucho Marx’s Birthday With Five Marx Brothers Movie Trailers: Today we’re going to look back at the trailers for five of my favorite big-screen romps featuring Groucho and the rest of the Marx Brothers.

The Florida Project – Marketing Recap: The strongest thing this movie has going for it is the word of mouth that’s come out of various festivals and screenings.

AMPAS Wants to Define What a Movie Is: The debate seems more intent on propping up both the theatrical distribution industry and the role of studios as gatekeepers of “real” movies.

Glengarry Glen Ross (25th Anniversary Flashback Marketing): What the audience was promised was a glorified play, which isn’t wrong. It’s just not as pulse-pounding as it could be.