No one – neither the media or the public – benefits from one in five reporters living in either New York City, Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles.

Facebook will provide more context on a publisher whose news story is shared in the News Feed, an effort to educate the public, fight off fake news and avoid federal regulations.

Google is reportedly paying some publishers to help test Stamp, its upcoming mobile news reading platform meant to compete against Snapchat and others.

It’s going to get even easier for retailers to create and share stoppable Instagram photos containing links to instantly view or buy products.

A new study shows younger consumers are most interested in doing business with companies whose practices line up with their own values.

The lines between “e-commerce” and physical sales are blurring, aided by changing consumer attitudes and tracking technology that follows buyers on- and offline.

Media buying firms are seen as most responsible for ensuring “brand safety,” the display of ads on sites and platforms that aren’t offensive.