How Much is Marketing To Blame for Summer Box-Office Woes?: You can’t complain about a situation where movies are either massive hits or tremendous flops when that’s the situation you contributed to the establishment of.

Home Again – Marketing Recap: Everything here is geared around Witherspoon’s character and people’s relationship to and with her.

Celebrate Michael Keaton’s Birthday With These Five Underappreciated Roles: With so many well-known roles to his name, I’m going to highlight five of his movies I’ve enjoyed but which may not have the high profile of some of his other films.

It – Marketing Recap: I kind of like that New Line decided to go for broke and not worry about keeping Pennywise concealed until the last possible minute.

How Say Anything… Introduced Me To Steely Dan: If you were at a bar and “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” came on and you didn’t start singing it like Mahoney in the movie, you lost.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers – Marketing Recap: It’s just as darkly violent and satirical and Canadian as the first movie, just in different ways and this time with Baruchel helming it.

Amazon and Apple Bidding For Bond: Included among the companies bidding for distribution rights to the James Bond franchise? Apple and Amazon, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter.

Rebecca – Flashback Marketing: …the movie remains a classic of the era, a standout in Hitchcock’s filmography and a go-to example of the gothic romance genre.