Last week saw new marketing recaps for:

  • What Happened To Monday, which was sold as an action-packed sci-fi story about septuplets trying to keep themselves safe in a one-child world.
  • Patti Cake$, which was sold as an inspirational story of a woman following her dreams to rise above her working-class roots and find success as a rapper.
  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which was sold primarily on the interplay between stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, pushing the story to the rear.
  • Logan Lucky, which was sold as the lower-IQ version of one of the Ocean’s movies, with a couple of bumbling brothers trying to pull off a get-rich-quick heist.

I also discussed the new trailer for the 4K home video release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, which is coming out in advance of the sequel’s theatrical debut. Stay Tuned turned 25 last week so it was a good time to revisit that movie’s spoof-heavy marketing campaign. Netflix, I feel, is being held to a different standard than Amazon simply because it doesn’t do theatrical releases.

Two substantial overviews as well, one for the trailers for nine films of Elvis Presley to mark the 40th anniversary of the King’s passing, and one looking at the trailers for all director Steven Soderbergh’s films to tie into the release of Logan Lucky.