If you want to know what the unofficial motto of the Thilk Household is, it’s the title of this post.

When we say it, it’s usually because I’m weighing some new opportunity that’s been put in front of me. Some new gig, some new assignment. It’s a moment that feels like a turning point and we usually quickly say “Let’s do it. It could lead to something!”

That might sound a bit corny, but it’s a mindset that’s provided quite a bit of uplift over the last year. Every job interview or whatever could lead to something. When something does work out and succeed, we joke that “Hey, it led to something!”

That phrase, that perspective, is about optimism and hope. It’s about realizing it’s important to get the bat off your shoulders if you want to hit a homerun. It’s about saying “yes” to what’s in front of you because even if doesn’t work out itself it might provide experience that proves valuable down the road.

Whatever comes along, you have to ask yourself: What could this lead to? Just getting to that point means you’ve already weighed whether or not the decision passes your own moral and ethical guidelines and values, so there’s little to no risk taking it will compromise you in those ways. Even if the answer is as simple and vague as “something” it may be a chance worth taking.