Wind River was sold as a noirish thriller set in a remote Wyoming village. Detroit was sold as a tense retelling of a 50-year-old event that still seemly timely today. The Dark Tower was barely marketed at all. Fun Mom Dinner was sold as a good time with funny ladies but there’s been a lot of that lately. And we jumped back 25 years to revisit the 1992 campaign for the film that first introduced us to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Meanwhile, Nolan offered his Slanted Review of Dunkirk while I compared the finished film to its marketing, doing the same for Okja as well. And I took a look at some pre-Atomic Blonde trailers for movies with female actions heroes. With Detroit in theaters, it was a good chance to look for common threads in how earlier movies from director Kathryn Bigelow were sold. Finally, Nolan offered his thoughts on what the essential elements a SHAZAM movie will need to include.