Quick Takes: Content Marketing Recap 8/4/17

  • Google is making a play for Pinterest’s territory with enhanced Image Search features.
  • 6-second ads aren’t just coming to Facebook, they’re also coming soon to TV.
  • Giphy is looking to up its monetization efforts, reportedly considering sponsored GIFs.
  • Snapchat is hoping to indoctrinate aspiring media types, asking college papers to produce Discover content.
  • An interesting new perspective that “influencers” are able to drive sales or brand awareness but rarely both.
  • It’s not just cord-cutting that’s happening, people are simply buying fewer TV sets.
  • Anchor wants to take seize the moment and is offering a simple tool to transfer podcasts from Soundcloud.
  • New automated ad tools from Twitter are trying to reduce the friction for smaller advertisers.
  • The biggest influencers have the biggest heads, ready to walk away from deals to not cede creative control.
  • Pinterest is making search even more of a focus, putting it front and center for users.
  • Facebook puts another thumb on the scale, saying it will penalize links to sites that load slowly, encouraging Instant Article usage.
  • Spotify is eyeing podcasts to take market share from Apple and increase alternate revenue streams.
  • Nope, turns out Vimeo isn’t going to launch a subscription video service. Here’s why.
  • Not surprised at all to read that Amazon’s new Spark feed of products is already filled with sponsored posts.
  • Cool new Playbook from LinkedIn to help people create effective and engaging Company Pages.
  • Facebook has decided “related articles” is the best way to counter the spread of fake news on the network.
  • The enhanced tools Instagram offers brands is a big reason they use Stories there more than on Snapchat.