Back in early 2010, I believe, I was tasked at Voce with creating documents that would serve as short and easily-understandable overviews of the popular social networks at the time. These were meant to be shared internally with staff who didn’t live in the social media world every day but who needed to speak about them with clients and others.

Overtime those documents grew and evolved. At first they were pretty simple but as social networks became more and more complex and added new features and functionality they needed to keep up. There were a couple times over the following six years that I tore them down to the studs and rewrote them from scratch because the format wasn’t working for me anymore. Some were discarded entirely because the network was shut down (cough : Friendfeed : cough) while new ones were added.

After receiving reassurance these documents weren’t being used any longer I’m going to be sharing those documents here and keeping them updated on this site. They will be publicly-facing resources to anyone looking for quick, easily-digestible downloads with the information they’re looking for on the most popular apps around today. Also, selfishly, they will become part of my online portfolio, showing some of my technical writing capabilities.

The reason I’m not rolling them all out at once is that they need some work. There are a few that are good to go, but I haven’t updated many of them in a year or more. So I’ll be posting them at a rate of about one every two weeks, putting the time in to make sure they’re current as of that moment to the best of my ability.

These are some of the work product I’m most proud of and I’m excited to show them off. More to come.