It’s with no small amount of pride and enthusiasm that I introduce the world to Cinematic Slant. That site is going to be where I funnel most, if not all, of my movie-related writing. So that’s where you’ll find campaign review posts, film reviews and other news and opinion pieces about movies and other pop culture moments that make it into my radar. The plans there are ambitious, but an effort is being made to adhere to Daniel Burnham’s famous credo to “make no small plans.”

The site’s focus will grow and evolve but the initial thinking is to make it a substantial going concern on a number of fronts. Please consider subscribing either via email or RSS to stay up to date on what’s happening there. I’ll be linking to there from here for a while to gain some traction and attention, but eventually, movie-related items will live solely on that site.

So what does that mean for Well, it means I’ve also rethought the focus of this site as I try to make it more completely one that shows off my professional experience. This is the place that is and will continue to be the hub for my freelance operations, so the goal is to show that side of me off as fully as possible. There will be more coming soon and you’ll see the efforts of the new approach very soon.

As always, stay tuned for more.