• One thing I didn’t cover was the “Slo-Mo Marathon” that was run a few weeks ago. The V By Viacom blog (disclosure: I’ve done some freelance work for that site) has details on the nostalgia-driven mindset behind that effort.
  • Also, here’s the co-branded spot that Sprint ran to support the movie.
  • For a UK promotional stunt, Paramount created what has been certified as the world’s largest beach ball and floated it down the Thames.

Wonder Woman

  • Another incredible poster was released by director Patty Jenkins just a couple days before release.
  • A UK promotion involved Vue Entertainment partnering with artist Elizabeth E. Schuch to turn fan-submitted photos into Wonder Woman-inspired storyboard-like artwork.
  • Google, through its Made With Code program, has released a new project for the up-and-coming female coders its educating that will unlock exclusive movie content.

War Machine

  • Brad Pitt and director David Michod have been making the press rounds a bit doing interviews like this to promote the movie, which is available on Netflix now.


  • The movie’s director Robin Swicord talks about her experiences in the Hollywood system, including how it took her 10 years to get another gig after directing her first movie and the gender politics behind that.