A couple months ago I read What You’re Really Meant to Do, a self-help type book from Robert S. Kaplan. The book is meant to go beyond the usual sort of “here are seven tips to improve your life” type of generic (and often useless) advice and give you a set of questions to ask yourself to help you define what it is you want to do, what it is you can do and more.

Kaplan’s prompts are meant to be done as you’re reading the book, as you move from one topic to the next. While I found those questions to be answered interesting, the idea of taking these sorts of digressions didn’t really work for me. I prefer to read and make notes, not read, do an activity, read, do an activity and so on.

But I didn’t want to lose those prompts Kaplan offered as I saw the value in them. I had jotted them down as I went through the book but didn’t know when I would get to them since my focus was, rightly or wrongly, on writing for this blog, at least when I wasn’t working my part-time gig or tackling freelance projects.

You can probably see where this is going.

I’m going to be using those questions and suggestions Kaplan offered as fodder for this blog over the next however long. I’ve been writing as frankly as I can about my recent employment journey and this fits nicely into that lane. My hope, as with my previous posts, is that they will provide food for thought for anyone reading it, especially anyone who’s going through the same sort of job uncertainty I am. Look for more soon.