Going in Style

  • I missed these in advance of release, but Warner Bros. created a bunch of posters that put the trio from this movie in shots reminiscent of the one-shots for the Fast and Furious movies. These aren’t great and fit into the basic idea of what I was talking about in my post on how movie marketing is becoming increasingly self-referential.


  • It’s a bit late in the cycle, but Jason Sudeikis and Anne Hathaway have been hitting the late night talk show circuit to talk up the movie.
  • Neon released a new trailer titled “Giant Robot” that spoils the climactic showdown that takes place toward the end of the movie. It sells the movie as a much more traditional monster movie, though the unique character-based sense of humor still shows through. Still, I’m glad this didn’t come out before the movie was released.

The Circle

  • I missed it at first but NowThis News created a video (possibly a series) about the real-world privacy issues that are amplified and at the core of the story in the movie.