My latest at The Drum takes a look at how Netflix doesn’t provide a whole lot of marketing cover for many of its original feature films.

There aren’t many companies that have disrupted existing business models the way Netflix and Amazon have.

In the last two years, for example, they’ve blown up the movie acquisition process at the Sundance Film Festival. This year alone, Netflix acquired 14 feature films, joining the eight it bought in 2016. That doesn’t even count the original productions it’s financed and released. In all, between the end of 2015 and what’s currently scheduled for 2017, Netflix has produced or acquired around 45 feature films, a number that doesn’t count documentaries or the TV shows it regularly releases.

What has been interesting to watch is how the streaming company has created marketing campaigns for these movies. The goal, after all, is very different for Netflix than it is for traditional movie studios. Instead of working to drive the very specific action of selling tickets on a particular day, the goal for Netflix is a bit fuzzier: To provide an attractive enough overall catalog of content that maintains current subscribers and converts new ones.

Source: The Movie Marketing Blog: How Netflix does – or doesn’t – market its original movies | The Drum