Touched With Fire didn’t get a huge campaign when it was being released a little over a year ago. But that limited campaign did do a pretty good job of conveying the core value proposition of the movie.

Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby play a pair of bipolar patients who meet when they’re each committed to an institution to try and get their disease under control and find a balance between the mania and depression that plagues them. They begin a relationship that at first seems to be healing but which those around the couple quickly realize brings out the worst in each one. That leads to tension both inside and outside the pair.

When I wrote about the campaign I said the trailer in particular made it seem like a fast-paced, highly-energized movie that keeps moving along at a breakneck speed. And that’s pretty accurate. The whole thing moves along frantically, at the same speed the thoughts of the main characters sometime move at.

There’s no real surprises in the story that aren’t at least hinted at in the campaign. The characters move through an arc that’s more or less expected based on what’s been shown in the trailer and Holmes is just as good as she appeared to be in the marketing. There are problems with the story in that some of the secondary characters don’t really seem to serve much of a purpose, but for the most part this is worth checking out, especially since it’s streaming on Amazon Prime now.