It’s a different image being used but it’s the same idea. The theatrical poster featured Washington and Davis looking off into the distance like they’re sitting on a bench in the backyard or something and was in black-and-white. For the home video release they’re shown in more of a loving embrace, the two laughing and smiling. That’s a slightly different pitch to the audience than was originally made, presenting more of a story about the couple’s relationship than just them being together.

Collateral Beauty

Same image, same pitch to the audience. Obviously didn’t feel like it was going to get any better than making the most of the all-star cast that was assembled.


The top-half of the DVD art uses the same image that was on the theatrical poster of Lawrence and Pratt staring at the camera, separated by a beam of light. But this one adds on an additional element at the bottom showing the two of them standing at the end of a ramp, holding hands and looking out into vastness of space. It’s more similar to an international poster but makes the same basic appeal to the audience, that this is a sci-fi romance between two very good-looking people.