Personal Shopper

…there’s a good campaign here. It’s relied heavily on the word of mouth that was generated after festival screenings and the buzz that came from the release of new trailers and other marketing materials. Those trailers, in particular the second one, are good and convey a strong story that has a very emotional core. Stewart appears to be fantastic in her role. If there’s a slight complaint it’s that the trailer doesn’t quite explain everything that’s going on, but that’s alright since it creates a sense of mystery but may turn off some in the general audience.

Kong: Skull Island

It’s big and audacious, that’s for sure. But it also seems kind of low key in spots, particularly in how the campaign took a significant amount of time off before the final trailer was released. Yes, there were other activities going on but there didn’t seem to be any big pops of press and publicity that were designed to keep people talking and buzzing about the movie in the period just before it hit theaters. Unfortunately, some of that was simply the result of the press focusing on the other movies – particularly Marvel Studios titles – Larson, Hiddleston and Jackson were involved in when writing stories that should have been about Kong.

Burning Sands

…there’s a version of this campaign that sells the movie as something much darker, about the evil people at the heart of the frat who are punishing new victims simply because they’re nasty people. Or there’s a more overtly horrific element to it. Instead it’s being sold clearly as a personal drama about Zurich and his struggles, which makes it a very low-key story that has, if anything, a bigger impact.