Recent trailers for Kong: Skull Island and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 got me thinking about how much Hollywood relies on classic rock to sell movies:

Classic rock radio is profitable for a reason. People, particularly those over 40, love reliving the music of their youth, either the stuff they grew up on themselves or what they discovered while going through their parents’ old record collection. While there’s no formal definition for what’s encompassed by “classic rock,” a useful shorthand is that it spans from The Beatles to Nirvana, or roughly 1963 through 1991, at least based on what makes up the playlists of radio stations devoted to that broad genre. That might seem overly generous for those of us who were firmly in high school when “Nevermind” hit record stores, but in 2017 that album is over a quarter of a century old so maybe we need to embrace our age and get over it.

Source: The Movie Marketing Blog: The movie studio addiction to classic rock | The Drum