Before I Fall


The campaign plays up that journey nicely. The poster compliments it in how it shows the different facets of Samantha as she goes across the different days of her purgatory-like existence. A couple of strong trailers really make the case for this to be a showcase for Deutch’s performance as well as the compelling story of a teenage girl who’s comfortable existence is rocked when she finds world she’s known for so long is turned upside down. We readily get the sense that she finds out things that are upsetting to her and makes her question everything around her.

Table 19


Outside of that, this is a lighthearted and charming campaign. It relies greatly on the audience liking Kendrick, a result of her press activity over the years, her previous film roles and her seemingly unfiltered candor on her own social media channels. That’s not to downplay the role of the supporting cast, which includes Stephen Merchant, Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow and others, but it’s Kendrick that’s the main draw. Whether or not her appeal brings out enough of the audience to make this a success remains to be seen.



Let’s come back to that one point, that this is more than just a super hero movie. Throughout the campaign, for as much as there have been points that show Logan engaged in hero-like activities, it’s been clearly communicated that we’re not watching the normal comic book movie here; we’re watching a gritty, violent action story with a morally ambiguous character at its center. It’s being sold less like another installment of the X-Men extended franchise and more like the kind of thing Clint Eastwood would have made in the 1960s. Just like with Deadpool this time last year, the promise here is it’s something audiences have never seen before.